MR, XR, AR, VR, AI, ML – Acronyms changing the present world


Virtual Reality

The ultimate goal of VR is true immersion — the feeling that you are in another place without been physically there. In VR, during video games, the player controls the game directly using their head, hands and receives the visual and auditory information back through a VR headset. The VR headset provide a larger field of view than most monitors out there. This means the player has direct control and feedback of digital world interaction. The actions are more intuitive and direct. The value of virtual reality is a more intuitive way to interact with the digital world and a deeper immersion in the digital experience.

VR is a hardware innovation. It is an input and output device that provide intuitive control and deeper level immersion of digital experiences.

VR is best used for storytelling and conveying experiences. So things like taking a tour through a remote location (or non-existent location), training experiences (which otherwise would be expensive or difficult to do) such as operation of heavy equipment, or fantasy experiences (think digital tourism of fictional world).

To take virtual reality further, the industry needs to develop better ways to interact with the digital world and make the user experience more immersive. VR will most definitely completely transform how we interact with digital world just like how the mouse changed how we interact with computers.

Augmented Reality

Facebook’s ability to tag your friends on photos, Instagram face filters, are all examples of AR applications. Augmented reality is used to bring digital information into the real world.

Ex : Apple released their ARkit. It not overlaid a digital image over the camera, it also automatically detects the ground and calculate the lighting around the virtual object. This brings the standard for AR a lot higher as it incorporates complex computer vision algorithms.

AR is a software innovation. It relies heavily on machine learning and computer vision rather than hardware. The hardware required have been already there (just need a camera and a display) for decades.

Augmented reality is the ability for software to extract data from visual information of the real world.

The ultimate goal of AR is to provide contextual information to the user as they need.

Application of AR include highlighting traffic signs and providing GPS information while driving, visualizing products in your room before buying, providing in context help while troubleshooting a broken dishwasher etc.

Mixed Reality and Extended Reality

Mixed reality (MR) and extended reality (XR) are more abstract concept than AR and VR. Since they aren’t technology itself, but combination of these technologies. The general understanding is that MR is in between of AR and VR and XR is an over-compassing term that includes AR, VR and MR.

The following image is given below to help understand better.

Artificial Intelligence

There is a misconception that Artificial Intelligence is a system, but it is not a system .AI is implemented in the system. One interesting definition of AI is “It is the study of how to train the computers so that computers can do things which at present human can do better.” Therefore, it is an intelligence where we add all the capabilities to a machine that humans contain.

Machine Learning

It is the learning in which a machine can learn by its own without being explicitly programmed. It is an application of AI that provides the system the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience. Here we can generate a program by integrating input and output of that program. One of the simplest definition of the Machine Learning is “Machine Learning is said to learn from experience E w.r.t some class of task T and a performance measure P if learners performance at the task in the class is measured by P improves with experiences.”

Future Scope of AI and ML –

  • Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and is going nowhere. It digs out the facts from algorithms for a meaningful execution of various decisions and goals predetermined by a firm.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are most likely to replace the current mode of technology that we see these days such as ERP and CRM.

  • Firms like Facebook, Google are investing a hefty amount in AI to get the desired outcome at a relatively lower computational time.

  • AI is something that is going to redefine the world of software and IT in the near future.