Smart Marketing With Augmented Reality


Have you ever thought about having an experience in the shopping mall/markets using the latest technology to it? What about using Augmented Reality as a technology for shopping and also gaming with the physical world?

Yeah, it is possible! Don't you believe? Just read through to get an insight.

Augmented Reality is so far the best way to engage customers and improve the profit of the business. It gives a value to the packaging and also increases its presence on the shelf space. Hence it becomes a living entity and can interact with the consumer.

Every brand has it's own demographic that would be more likely to buy their products. So here peeps in the technology of AR were we can add a value using supportive content, also through increasing engagement through games. From the food industry to cosmetics and skin care industry to real estate and much more in a league, the AR technology has made a far-flung presence and application in a large number of sectors. Talking about the most current trend in AR marketing, the brands are capitalising on their packing, to make it more interactive to bespeak more customers in a yet unique way.

With AR packaged food it doesn't simply show the content inside it.We can see what it can be at home. Say for example a biscuit packet, by using the mobile AR app we can see about the nutritious, recipe or benefits the customer will gain from that which will help to attract the buyers. Imagine that when we scan the product with our phone, we are not faced with a massive pack, but instead a visualisation of the amazing end product. We have the ability to fold time with AR - from scanning the pack on shelf and in the home to demonstrate what it can be.

Augmented Reality packaging helps to create a bond with a customer and tries to sell a product on one side. With smart packaging that can modify temperatures, atmospheres or serve the customer in a non-marketing manner AR is beneficial.