Collision of AI & VR – A New Retail Environment


Artificial Intelligence simply seems like a buzzword, it is a trendy idea which conjures the robotic idea about the world of robots and self-driving cars. AI is all around us.

But what will be the after effect when both this AI and VR get clashed? Can you guess? So, here we will be exploring about the unimaginable wonders when of them comes together.

There are many use cases one among them is its Retail Environment. Online shopping is an easier way to buy products on the go but it does not provide you the feel of visiting the store and the experience you get to test a product but you now what?Virtual Reality can overcome this issue just in a single tap!

You want to gift your friend for his birthday party today evening, but you are in a tight schedule and can’t go out to buy gift for your friend? You may ask someone to buy a gift for your friend...hmm...but that won’t make you fully satisfied right??

Well, you put on your VR headset and ask your Siri or Google Assistant to take you to the gift store. There you see the various items and with the help of eye tracking you can virtually surf through the entire store. Gaze with your eye to select product and know there specification and can virtually even try it.

But what if you feel like buying clothes for your friend instead and ask your personal assistant to take you the textile store and how can you know whether the dress suites your friend?

You simply ask your personal assistant to get your friend’s recent photos from the photo album in your smartphone or other social media using the VR headset and with the help of AI, studying multiple photos of your friend, his/her 3D Avatar is produced which also predicts the physical measurements of your friend. Now you can try various clothes that suites your friend and get the price details.

Meanwhile you also get your current wallet balance and balance after purchase and the expected spending you will be making for that particular month so that you do not go out of cash and keeps you spending monitored.

Again with your eye gaze you make the payment for which your iris is the security check. After making payment your assistant specifies the location and time for delivery. While you celebrate the birthday with your friend the drone makes the delivery to your friend at the party location and wishes him/her your birthday message. Thanks to VR technology that helped you make cloth purchase from a store that does not even exist physically.

We are on the new viewpoints for the developments of AI and VR that will completely change the way we work – for the better future.Retailers and manufacturers are now on the board to make sure that they can keep up when the future becomes the present.