The Miracles of VR in Healthcare


People think that VR is only meant for the purpose of gaming in 3D visualization.

Dr.Glen Stream, Family Medicine for America’s Health said:”We believe consumer health technologies – apps, wearables, self-diagnosis tools – have the potential to strengthen the patient-physician connection and improve health outcomes”.

Hence with the developing aspects in VR it had showed a demanding development even in the healthcare field.It has been applied for wide range of disease curing treatment.

VR in medicine mainly focuses on simulation tool and an interaction tool. In this article, we will be exploring about the viewpoint on how virtual reality technology could be a new focus of direction in the development of medical field and medical education.

VR’s immersive environment and artificial environments makes it ideal surgical training, which usually involves assisting experienced surgeons before gradually taking over surgeries. Surgical training using VR has shown a dwindle in the operation time and improvement in performance. Another aspect of VR is that it recently have caught the eye of healthcare professionals eager to sharpen their skills. Now popular for medical education, VR programs provide simulation training also which serves to enhance traditional medical schooling.

Major applications of VR in Healthcare

Even though there are vast variety of ways in which Virtual Reality technologies are being used in healthcare,but here are some of the most prominent uses it has:

- Treating Chronic Pain

Medical VR has proved its efficiency to stop brain from processing pain and cure

soreness in hospitalised patients.Stress certainly has a negative impact on the patient’s emotional quality of life and provides a better quality of stress management.

- Helps in Treating Autism

Autism therapy includes in-person sessions with doctor.With the effective use of these sessions can be lessened to a good extent. MobileVR helps investigate social interactions with autistic kid by including virtual characters.

- Physical Therapy

VR apps helps patients to improve their physical health with some responses to circumstances,as it allows them and their doctors to track the progressive records of their health conditions to control their virtual environment and to measure their environment.

What Does the future holds for VR?

Virtual Reality is very flexible and programmable ,much more improvements could be observed in the future. It is also seen that the harm done to patients are also less and the patients who would mostly gain from this technology would be children suffering from injuries. Hence its application is expected to have a rapid growth in the field of healthcare . In the same way, medical associations and professional organizations are increasingly focusing on the aspects of VR in healthcare.

Hence to put in a nutshell we can say that VR’s usefulness and versatility in healthcare and medicine is remarkable. It will be interesting to see how else the technology can be developed, adapted and utilised in the future.

We can without any doubt say that we will be able to listen about the achievements of VR in healthcare which will hopefully translate to better treatments and experiences for both patients and clinicians.

And we won’t put VR in a nutshell of gaming environment only it is being associated with medical care, treatments and so on...