How VR helps in Physical & Mental Health issues during work from home period of Young people?


Many young people who can do their jobs remotely have made the rapid move to working from home from last year to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Nowadays, they experience issues in their physical health and as well as mental health. They don’t have an office setup at their home to work on their comfortable. Sitting for lengthy periods of time, extending their wrists and relying in front of laptop or desktop screen which causes all the physical strain to the body. People may not realize at the time but may start feeling later. As a caution, start paying attention to what your body tells you. Virtual reality (VR) enhances the ability in the field of healthcare, altering the way people are given care. VR can less the physical pain of the people, Even if it is severe pain. Taking medications for the treatment are mostly making the people an addictive. Instead of medicines, VR provides features like pleasant, low-risk, safe, and easily tolerated for pain relief. Studies have proved that people with severe pain obtain the most benefits from VR. Virtual reality has been used to comfort people that face issues on their physical health and mental health such as severe pain, anxiety, stress etc. which has been caused from their work from home period. In a study people who has participated and immersed in VR, reported lower the level of pain, general distress, and unpleasantness, and also they really had a desire to experience VR again during painful difficulties. VR has made a radical change in the field of health care in which a means to reduce the pain, tension, and anxiety in relation with common painful cancer procedures and treatments, such as chemotherapy, lumbar puncture, and port access. Over the next 5–15 years, virtual reality will have a meaningful impact on acute and chronic pain management, as well as psychiatric and pain/physical rehabilitation. Virtual reality is indeed a very advanced tool, which has the ability to transform the people to a virtual environment in such situations like phobia, depression, anxiety, stress etc. Eventually VR is a tool which is portable and people can use on their home settings for their comfort.