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About Eduoskus XR

What is Eduoskus XR.

The one stop platform for all teaching and learning solutions.

Education world is experiencing a profound change, as per new online education. Multimedia gadgets like mobile phones, laptops & TV has become he new means for every student. Major concern, "is learning happening effectively with the usage of gadgets?" We EDUOSKUS XR are here to rectify this concern for the betterment of learning.

The future of learning is here
Be amazed for a learning experience where you can connect with teachers and students from K12 to colleges. EduoskusXR is a one stop platform for attending classes, live streaming, assignment submission, attendance management and many more
Best opportunity for you to learn better & faster
Teachers can make online videos using AR Technology and there is a proper management system for activity tracking through scrum facility. EduoskusXR helps in community building, it is like a mini Facebook for students and teachers where they could connect and engage with others tasks and activity.

How Eduoskus XR

will benefit you?

EduoskusXR helps teachers to manage virtual classes efficiently and also assist them in tracking student activity and performance. It helps to develop and deliver engaging video contents using augmented reality (AR) for a better interaction. It aids in overall classroom management virtually. EduoskusXR helps students to develop critical problem solving skills. It offers more diversified learning opportunities for audio-visual learners, kinesthetic learners and learners who learn more by reading

What Eduoskus XR offers you?

EduoskusXR platform is designed to plan, track and deliver valuable education contents by teachers at one place. It is also enables students to upload their task and give proper feedback by timely self-assessment and other performance measurement tools Adapting educational style from physical classroom to a digital one may be difficult at first but we can help you achieve it easily.

The other features


Live interactive classes with XR technology

Skill Testing

Self-analysis test for students

Community Building

Online Classes

Online exam & evaluation

Academic management

Attendance management

Data management

Progress tracking and monitoring by faculty